Setting up the SimplySNAP Site Controller¶

The first step in installing a SimplySNAP lighting solution is to physically install the light fixtures, lighting controllers and sensors, which can then be configured by accessing the user interface of the SimplySNAP site controller. These instructions assume that you have already installed the lights and lighting controllers that will make up your SimplySNAP lighting solution and you are now ready to set up the site controller.

To install the SimplySNAP Site Controller:

  1. Unpack the SimplySNAP Site Controller.

  2. Attach the included antennas to the site controller as shown. Synapse-provided antennas will have white dots at the base of the antenna that denote the type. One dot is a "SNAP" antenna, two dots is for a "Wi-Fi"antenna, and three dots are for the "CELL" antennas. This notation is also reflected on the front unit label of the Site Controller.

  3. Plug the provided power supply into the barrel connector and then into an 110VAC outlet. When the SimplySNAP Site Controller powers up, orange LEDs will light up for approximately 30 seconds while the Site Controller software starts up. Once this is complete, the orange LEDs will turn off and the site controller will be ready to use.