Commissioning New Installs

There are three primary ways to commision a SimplySNAP installation. We'll briefly outline each process below, and there are detailed steps included as an appendix to ensure the different processes don't run together.


Physical installation of lights is performed before or after commissioning, but these instructions assume that the lights are already installed and powered up. During installation, be sure to record the Controller Type, MAC address, and location of each SimplySNAP device as it's placed in a permanent home.


The preferred and easiest way to commission a new SimplySNAP install. As soon as a lighting controller receives power, it can be discovered by the SimplySNAP Census function. This means that an installation is performed by discovering devices and then adding them into your SimplySNAP site controller. Each time the census runs, it will only contact lights that are in communication with a configured light controller. As controllers are added and configured, you'll need to run the census again to collect lights that are progressively further away. To learn more about using the Census button for site configuration, see Using Census for Site Commissioning

CSV Import

While not as automated as the Census button, a comma-separated value (CSV) file is still easier than doing everything manually. SimplySNAP supports easy import of .CSV files that can be created in any spreadsheet or text editor program. You'll enter data on each of the lights, and the bulk of the configuration will be completed with one import. To learn more about creating and importing a .CSV file for site configuration, see Site Configuration Using a CSV File.

Manual Entry

If your installation is small, or you're REALLY into lighting configuration, everything can be entered manually. This works great if you're adding new equipment to an existing installation, but we'll go ahead and caution you not to do this if you're just starting out.