Adding Devices with CensusΒΆ

The easiest way to add devices to a SimplySNAP system is through the use of the census feature.

To access the Census Page, click the Census menu item under Devices in the navigation menu. From there, you can start a "census" of the unconfigured SimplySNAP devices with your network settings. (Channel, Network ID, Encryption Settings, Enhanced CRC Settings) These devices will appear in a list to provide you with an easy way to configure them.

To perform a census of unconfigured devices:

  1. Click the Start Census button. SimplySNAP will begin to search for unconfigured devices in your network. Click the Confirm button in the dialog to start the census or Cancel to dismiss the confirmation dialog. While the census is running, you can cancel the census in progress by clicking the Cancel Census button.

  2. If unconfigured devices are discovered, you will be presented with a list of the devices. To add a single device to your network, click the Add Device button to the left of the device you wish to add. To add multiple devices, click the Add Selected Devices button. To remove an unconfigured device, click the Dismiss button and Confirm it in the dialog. The new device(s) will appear in a pane on the Lights and Sensors page. Any devices dismissed will have to be rediscovered by running another census.

  3. If you have unconfigured devices and want to check for any new devices, click the Re-Run Census button.

  4. Once the device is loaded, you can edit it as you would any other device.

As a general practice, we recommend running a Census when you have significant changes in your environment to help ensure everything is running at peak efficiency.