Upgrading SimplySNAP

One of the biggest advantages of a SimplySNAP lighting system is the ability to update the firmware on lighting and site controllers to continually add new features and improve functionality. The steps outlined below will help you ensure that your system is always at its best.

Software Downloads

The most recent version of SimplySNAP is 14.2.0.

In order to apply this upgrade, you need to be running SimplySNAP 8.0 or newer.

If your version of SimplySNAP is older than 8.0., please contact support to get updated to 14.2.0.

Download: SimplySNAP 14.2.0

Install the Upgrade via the SimplySNAP User Interface

Upgrading through the user interface is the preferred way to upgrade your system.


Power must not be removed during the upgrade process. Take any necessary precautions to insure uninterupted power to the site controller.

  1. Log in to the site controller you wish to update, then click Config in the navigation menu. Click on Backup/Restore to open the Backup/Restore tab.

  2. Make a backup of your current system.

  3. Click the System Upgrade button. When the pop up menu appears, click System Upgrade again to confirm your intention to upgrade.

  4. Browse to and select the update file, then click Open to start the update process.


    During the upgrade process, LED3 may turn solid amber, blink amber or turn off. It is important to wait until LED3 is green for at least 60 seconds, to ensure that upgrade is complete.

  5. Login to the Site Controller to verify the upgrade was successful.

Install the Upgrade via USB

While the user interface is the preferred method to upgrade your system, the USB upgrade method is an alternative for situations where you cannot access the user interface.


Power must not be removed during the upgrade process. Take any necessary precautions to ensure uninterrupted power to the site controller.

  1. Load the upgrade file you downloaded onto a portable USB drive (aka USB stick).


    Make sure you have only one (1) .sig or .gpg file on your USB drive at any time. Having more than one will cause the upgrade to fail. Also, ensure you are using a USB drive with 1 GB or more storage space.

  2. If you are logged into SimplySNAP or SimplySNAP Remote Access, sign out of your current session before proceeding with the upgrade.

  3. Plug the USB drive into the USB port on your site controller. The lights on the site controller will turn amber to indicate that the update is in progress. This may take several minutes.

  4. Once the update is completed, the lights on the site controller turn green. If the lights turn red, a problem was encountered during the installation. Please contact Synapse Customer Support for possible solutions.

  5. If the lights turned green, unplug the USB drive.

  6. Unplug the power supply from the site controller, wait ten (10) seconds, and plug the power supply back into the site controller.


During an update, the lighting controllers will blink the lights they are connected to as each controller's update is completed. Because the site controller has to "talk" to all of the lights, the upgrade may take some time for larger installations - please be patient!

SS450-002 LTE Modem Update

If your SS450-002 was purchased in 2018 or earlier, the cell modem may require a firmware upgrade to be compatible with 3GPP updates to Verizon's network.

Click here to download the LTE modem upgrader, and upload that file using the Install the Upgrade via System Upgrade procedure above. If it is more convenient, the upgrade can also be installed over SSRA.

If the upgrade is successful (or the modem has already been upgraded), SimplySNAP will restart. If you get a "System Upgrade Failed" message, please contact Synapse Customer Support for possible solutions.