System Alarms

An alarm is a system generated warning that something unexpected has occurred.

The SimplySNAP site controller initiates a polling cycle of all lighting in the system once every 15 minutes. This polling cycle verifies that all light controllers are responding to wireless communications. Any anomalies found are reported as alarms.

The list of Alarms is accessed by clicking the Alarms button in the Title Bar at the top right of the user interface. Alarms are filtered using the fields provided in the top right of the Alarms content area.

The alarms list can also be accessed by clicking the alarm warning that appears immediately to the right of the device name on a device currently in alarm.

Alarm Types

  • Info - Messages that provide general information not affecting performance.

  • Warning - Information about anomalies detected within the system.

  • Error - Information that may affect performance of individual lights or zones.

  • Critical - Information that will affect performance of the lighting solution.

Clearing Alarms

User clearable alarms will have a check box in the actions column. Clicking the check box will clear the alarm.

Retry Communication

If an alarm is generated during the polling cycle due to an inability to configure a light controller, a Retry button is provided to immediately initiate a "retry" of communication to the light controller that is in an alarmed state. This provides a means to immediately retry the communication instead of waiting 15 minutes for the next polling cycle.

Email Alerts

The SimplySNAP site controller is configured to send email notifications when alarms are generated within the system. This can help responsible persons know immediately whenever something has occurred that might need their attention. This service must be enabled and a list of persons who will receive the alerts must be configured before Email alerts can be used.

To enable email alerts:

  1. Open the Alerts tab by clicking Config - Alerts.

  2. Enter a descriptive name for the site controller in the Gateway Name field. This name will help identify which site controller is generating the alert if you have more than one site controller.

  3. Click the Enable toggle under Enable Alerts.

  4. Click the Save Changes button to finish enabling Alerts, or the Cancel button to exit without enabling Alerts.

To enter email addresses for persons who will receive alerts:

  1. Open the Alerts tab by clicking Config - Alerts.

  2. In the field under Email Addresses, enter the email address for the person you wish to add.

  3. If you're adding more than one email address, click the Add New button to generate a new email address field, then enter the next email address you wish to add. Continue to repeat these steps until all addresses are entered.

  4. When all email addresses are entered, click the Save Changes button.