Rebooting and Resetting the System

Rebooting the Site Controller

If you ever need to reboot a site controller, this is accomplished through the SimplySNAP interface without the need to be present at the site controller.

To reboot the site controller:

  1. Click Config - System to open the System tab.

  2. Click the Reboot Site Controller button to open the reboot site controller popup window, then click Reboot to reboot the site controller.

Factory Resetting a Site Controller

While unlikely, there may be a time when circumstance leaves a site controller in an unknown, unreachable, or otherwise unrecoverable state where a factory reset is necessary. A full factory reset of your SimplySNAP lighting controller is accomplished via the Backup/Restore tab within the Config screen, or manually using buttons on the site controller.


A factory reset will interrupt lighting service and remove all configured Lights, Sensors, Zones, and Scenes, and return your site controller to its factory default state. Do not perform a factory reset unless it is your intention to delete all of this information.

To factory reset a SimplySNAP site controller using the user interface:

  1. Click Config - Backup/Restore to open the Backup/Restore tab.

  2. Verify you have a current backup of your system.

  3. Click the Factory Reset button to open the factory reset site controller pop-up window.

  4. Click the Factory Reset button to reset the site controller.


To factory reset a SimplySNAP site controller using the side buttons:

  1. Push and hold Button 1 on the side of the SimplySNAP sitecontroller for five seconds.

  2. The bottom LED (LED3) will glow amber for 2 seconds, during which the unit will return to factory defaults.

  3. When the bottom LED turns off, release the button.