Extension Cables

Every connection between the SNAP radio and the antenna will create a small amount of loss.

As a rule of thumb:

  • Every connection introduces .5 dBi of signal loss
  • Every foot of good quality RF cable introduces .5 dBi of signal loss

Refer to the antenna cable’s datasheet for the exact amount of loss. A specified loss of more than 0.5dB per foot is generally unacceptable and may indicate an inferior cable design.

SNAP Light Controllers have an integrated power amplifier, with significant output power. See the list below for the output power of the different SNAP controllers and the recommended antenna gain for each SNAP Light Controller. Do not substitute antennas.

SNAP Light Controller Controller Gain Indoor Antenna Gain Outdoor Antenna Gain
LP150-001 15dBi 3.2dBi 1.5dbi
DIM10-087 20dBi 3.2dBi 1.5dbi
DIM10-100-00 20dBi 3.2dBi 1.5dbi
DIM10-250-11 20dBi 3.2dBi 1.5dbi
DIM10-280-21 20dBi 3.2dBi 1.5dbi

The following two examples are typical outdoor installations. Even with cables and connections the output power for both examples is excellent and the Simply SNAP communications will be excellent.

A – Standard Antenna Kit + DIM10-250-11 SNAP module +20dBm
  Outdoor Antenna +1.5dBi
Internal – Cable (Module to Bulkhead Connector) Connection -.5dBi
  Cable -.5dBi
External – Cable to Bulkhead Connector Connection -.5dBi
  Cable -.5dBi
  Connection Cable to Bulkhead -.5dBi
  Connection Antenna to Bulkhead -.5dBi
  Total Output Power +18.5dBm

B – Add a 10 foot Cable to the above example

Antenna Kit + DIM10-250-11 + 10 Foot Cable  
Antenna Kit + DIM10-250-11 +18.5dBm
10 Foot Cable -5.0dBi
Total Output Power +13.5dBm