Supported Motion Sensors

The motion sensors listed below have been tested and verified to work with DIM series Lighting Controllers and SimplySNAP.

Download a PDF of the supported motion sensors

Manufacturer Model
Sensor Info Fixture In/Out mA Tested Notes Cut Sheet Install Guide Board
Leviton OSC04-I0W PIR + Photo Ceiling, 450 sq Ft No Indoor   9/2/2015 Using occupancy only Datasheet Installation B1
Leviton OSWWV-IOW PIR + Photo Wall, 2500 sq Ft No Indoor   9/9/2015 Using occupancy only Datasheet Installation B1
Leviton OSFHP-ILW PIR High Bay Yes Indoor   3/21/2016 Blue W-Low, Black-High Datasheet Installation B1
Leviton OSF20-ILW PIR High or Low Bay Yes Outdoor 20 TBD 20 to 40 Feet OSF20-ILW_Cutsheet OSF20-ILW_Install  
Wattstopper EW-205-24-W PIR PIR, Junc Box, 270⁰ Yes Outdoor 7 9/2/2015 Color Suffix Datasheet Installation B1
Wattstopper WPIR PIR Ceiling No Indoor   7/28/2016 Miniature PIR WPIR Cutsheet Installation B1
Hubbell WSPEM24V PIR High Bay Yes Indoor   3/18/2016 WASP2, High Bay, Lens Options WSPEM24V_Cutsheet WSPEM24V_Install B1
Hubbell WSP-L360-WH Lens High Mount Lens
Lens WASP2 WASP2-LENS_Cutsheet WASP2-LENS Install NA
Hubbell WSP-L360-L-WH Lens Low Mount Lens
Lens WASP2 WASP2-LENS_Cutsheet WASP2-LENS Install NA
Hubbell WSPEM24VLWO-XX PIR End Mount or Surface Yes Outdoor   7/28/2016 WASP2, Choices: Colors & Mounting WSPEM24V_Cutsheet WSPEM24V_Install B1
Sensor Switch SBO-6-OEX-XX PIR High Mount No Outdoor 4 9/6/2016 XX = Color SBO-6-OEX-XX Cutsheet Broken Link X
Sensor Switch SBO-10-OEX-XX PIR Low Mount No Outdoor 4 7/28/2016 XX = Color SBO-10-OEX-XX Cutsheet Broken Link B2
Acuity CM6 PIR High Bay - 45Ft No Indoor   8/11/2016 Programmable Functions required; also called Lithonia 184CGV CM6 Cut Sheet Instruction Sheet CM6 B2
IR-TEC BOS-515SF PIR Fixture Mount Yes Indoor   8/11/2016 Multiple Lens BOS-515 Series Cutsheet BOS-515 Installation Notes B2
Wattstopper FS-305 PIR Fixture Mount Yes Outdoor 7 9/1/2016 IP65, Multiple Lens; Outdoor FS-305 Cutsheet FS-305 Installation B2
PacWave PSC-BL-I-FM-DC0 PIR Fixture Or Ceiling Yes Indoor   9/1/2016 McWong Sensor Catalog   B2
Wattstopper DT-200V2 Dual Ceiling or Wall No Indoor   9/20/2016 Pay Attention to Settings DT200 Cutsheet DT-200V2 Installation  
Wattstopper FS-705 PIR Ceiling No Indoor 7 TBD Dip Switch Settings FS-705 FS-705 B2
Wattstopper CI-24 PIR Ceiling No Indoor 37 9/19/2016 Pay Attention to Settings CI-24 CI-24 B2
Wattstopper FSP-201B PIR End Mount Yes Outdoor 15 12/07/2016 Delay 30 Sec; Cutoff 60 Sec FSP-201B Cut Sheet FSP-201B Installation