Wireless Lighting Controller Matrix

Wireless All Devices are 2.4 GHz, SNAP Networking Mesh OS
AC Power All AC Devices are rated from 100 - 277 VAC, ± 10%
DC Power All DC Devices are rated from 5V to 24V DC ± 10%
Dimming All Devices use 0-10V Dimming, Capable to source and sink Current, Max Source/Sink
Sensor Power 24V at 50mA
Sensor Inputs Select Input via Simply SNAP. Photo Cells = 0-10V input; Motion Sensors = 24V input
Relay All Relays are Default On; Latching unless designated
Terminal Blocks All Devices have terminal Blocks unless noted
Metal Cases All Metal Cases are grounded and have ground screws on the side of the case
Product (Status) Input Voltage Dimming Current Max in mA -- Source/Sink Power Monitoring Sensors Input/ Output Sensor Power Relay Relay Amps Output Pwr in dBm Certifications Operating Temperature Case / Board Target Market
Dim10-100-00 AC 10/10(5) No 0/0 No Yes 3 20 FCC, IC, CE, c(UL)us -20 to +60C Metal Indoor, High Bay, Linears, Troffers
Dim10-250-11 AC 20/50(5) 2% 1/0 Yes Yes 5 20 FCC, IC, CE, c(UL)us -40 to +55C Metal Outdoor Poles, Power Monitoring, Sensor Integration
Dim10-281-21 AC 20/50(5) 2% 2/1 Yes Yes 5 20 FCC, IC, CE, c(UL)us -40 to +55C Board Sensor Integration, Power Monitoring
Dim10-283-20 AC 30/30 3% (1) 2/0 No No NA(4) 20 UL, FCC -40 to +60C Board with Leads External Relays, Larger Loads
AIM-121 AC NA No 2/1(7) Yes No NA 20 FCC, IC, CE, c(UL)us -40 to +55C Metal Sensor Integration
TL5-B1 (8) AC 10/10 2% 0/0 No Yes 5 20 FCC, IC, UL -40 to +70C Plastic Outdoor, Fixture Mount
TL7-B1 (9) (Q4 16) AC 10/10 2% 2/0 (2) No Yes 5 20 FCC, IC, UL -40 to +70C Plastic Outdoor, Fixture Mount
Dim10-087-00 (3) DC 10/10 No 0/0 No No NA(3) 20 CE, FCC, IC -40 to +85C Board Low Cost Embedded in Fixtures
  1. 100 to 480V Power Monitoring, requires 100 to 277 input voltage to power Radio, etc.
  2. one 24Volt Sensor Input & one 3 Volt Sensor Input
  3. Requires DIM to Off LED Driver that supplies 12V at 100mA
  4. Off Board Relay controlled with a 12V DC Signal from the 283
  5. Class 1 / 2 Dimming Wires
  6. Non Latching Relay
  7. Auxiliary Output, 40mA Max, Sink Only
  8. NEMA Socket, TL5 has the 5 Pin Socket for 0 - 10V Dimming outputs to the Fixture
  9. NEMA Socket, TL7 has the 7 Pin socket which has Dimming outputs to the fixture + 2 Sensor Inputs