The SimplySNAP API allows for the secure exchange of information between a SimplySNAP system and third-party systems and applications. Utilized by software developers on your staff, the SimplySNAP API can be used to programmatically change and retrieve data pertaining to your SimplySNAP-based smart lighting network.

What can you do with the SimplySNAP API?

Depending on the level of access you purchase, you can use the SimplySNAP to:

  • Read/Write information about zones and lights
  • Apply scenes
  • Create and modify users
  • Create and modify schedules
  • Configure system-level settings
  • Collect other data from the lighting system

Changes to individual lights and zones can be remotely activated by other management systems or applications via the SimplySNAP API. This allows your software developer to create customized controls from their own software applications and dashboards, supporting applications that tie in to security systems, HVAC, and demand-response programs.

How does it work?

SimplySNAP API is a programmatic web-services API that is available as REST calls over an authenticated HTTPS session. It supports the HTTP methods of GET, POST, DELETE, and PATCH.

What do you need to get started?

SimplySNAP API requires a Synapse smart lighting solution made up of a SS400-series smart site controller and smart lighting controllers attached or embedded in your luminaires. Additionally, for technical support or troubleshooting assistance with the API, an engineering support arrangement is required. The SimplySNAP API is shared only under NDA and is subject to change as new features are added to the system.

How do I order the API?

Several level of access are available. Please contact your sales representative or support for more information.

  • Level 1 Access (GLP-API-L1)

    Delivery of API to support creation, reading, updating and deletion of lights, controllers and zones. Does not include technical or engineering support.

  • Level 2 Access (GLP-API-L2)

    Delivery of API to support creation, reading, updating and deletion of lights, controllers and zones. Includes API document delivery and engineering-level support via email for 30 days, not to exceed 4 hours of engineering time.

  • Level 3 Access (GLP-API-L3)

    Same as Level 2, except includes engineering level support via email for 90 days, not to exceed 20 hours of engineering time.