SimplySNAP is a site-based solution for monitoring and controlling LED lights via an encrypted, self-forming, selfhealing, 802.15.4 SNAP mesh network. The network doesn’t require internet access, and allows for system setup and configuration through a mobilefriendly Wi-Fi or LAN-accessible interface. The system stores power data, alarms, and critical events locally for maintenance and troubleshooting, and provides California Title 24 compliant daily schedules for multiple dimming levels. With programmable schedules and easy setup, SimplySNAP is the perfect solution for remote sites where internet access is difficult; you just configure it and it runs. Easy access from a laptop or tablet means your system can be reconfigured whenever needed.

  • No Internet Required – All control is site based

  • Each controller's location can be stored and displayed on a map

  • Multiple zones, scenes, sensors, events, and weekly schedule

  • Data and events are stored on the local site controller

  • Multiple user login levels for specialized control scenarios