SimplySnap software is designed to simplify managing lighting systems of all sizes. As a DLC Qualified Product, key features satisfy energy codes for both indoor and outdoor control systems. For local access and control, SimplySnap has a local web browser-based interface built into each site controller.

Additionally, we provide a cloud-based user interface (UI) for remote access and extra insights and control capability. Users can access and control their lighting system using a web browser on any computer or smart device. The responsive design and intuitive UI work great for quick access and real-time updates to the system.

Single Site

The SimplySnap Lighting application is useful for a single site and can be used with or without an active internet connection. The site controller includes a built-in browser interface for direct access using a local wired or wireless network connection. * Access SimplySnap through local wired or wireless network connection * Functions with or without active internet connection * Built-in browser-based interface included with the Central Base Station * Configure system behaviors, control groups or individual lights, set schedules and system settings

Larger Single Sites or Multiple Sites

The SimplySnap cloud-based option enables lighting control from anywhere across multiple facilities. The SimplySnap cloud interface can control sites with up to 10,000 lights across multiple site controllers and integrates with our other SimplySnap cloud applications. * Centralized browser interface * Manage thousands of lights, sensors, and other Synapse IoT devices * Aggregate multiple site controllers into one management interface * Add additional features with cloud apps