Supported Photocells

The photocells listed below have been tested and verified to work with DIM series Lighting Controllers and SimplySNAP.

If you are looking for supported Daylight Harvesting Sensors, please reference Supported Daylight Harvesting Sensors.

Manufacturer Model Mounting Sensor Info In/Out mA Tested Notes Cut Sheet Install Guide
Wattstopper LS-290C Ceiling, skylight Selectable Light Level Indoor   9/19/2015 3 to 6000 Foot Candles, Can mount vertically or Horizontally LS-290C Cut Sheet LS-290C Installation
Leviton ODC0P-W Ceiling 1-70 Foot Candles Indoor   9/2/2015   Leviton Photocell Product Data ODCØP Installation
PLC Multipoint CES/O-24-0-10 Shotgun View 0-250 Foot Candles Outdoor   2/9/2016 0 to 250 Foot Candles Simply SNAP Storm settings:  5 = on;   9= off. CES Series Data Sheet CES Installation
Sensor Switch CM PC ADC Dz       4 TBD Dual Settings Cutsheet CM PC ADC DZ  
Hubbell LUXSTATLSO Surface Mount 3-6000 Foot Candles Outdoor   TBD Servodan Light Sensor 43-198 Cutsheet LUXSTATLS  
Wattstopper FD-301 Photocell Fixture, Indoor 30 TBD      
Wattstopper LS-290CV2 Surface Mount Indoor   TBD Servodan